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Homework Help: Physics Experiment Ideas Using Snowboarding

  1. Feb 6, 2016 #1
    I need an idea of what to test if I were to do a physics experiment about snowboarding. It can be one involving someone riding a snowboard or an empty snowboard. However, I would like it to be relatively simple, as in my rider doesn't have the skills to ride a half pipe or do any big jumps. I have considered an experiment testing the effects of different waxes on the board, but I'd like to do the experiment this weekend before all the snow melts where I live, and I won't have time to put each wax on and test it out.

    Does anyone have any ideas?
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    Instead of doing 'big jumps', if you could do a relatively large fall from a ledge, like a drop-off. You could do a simple projectile motion physics experiment?

    Even if the fall is 1m, you could measure the distance you travelled, then convert that into your various velocity components etc.

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    How about working out how weight distribution effects speed? Eg do you go faster with more weight on the front or back foot?
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