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Homework Help: Physics Lab / Equation manipulation

  1. Apr 8, 2015 #1
    1. T^2 = (4 pi^2 m)/k * d^2 + (4 pi^2 I)/k
    y = m * x + c
    (4 pi^2 m)/k = m (gradient)
    (4 pi^2 I)/k = c (the y intercept )
    A graph of T^2 vs d^2 was plotted.
    (^2) means squared
    Find constants k and I
    How is this done since the m in the formula is unknown ?

    "Oscillation of a metre rule" is the the tiltle of the lab
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    It looks like you have 'm' serving two different roles.

    The 'm' I highlighted in red above appears to be the mass of something. Presumably you measured it.

    The other m, should be the slope (gradient) of the data you graphed, which hopefully fell along some line. This m together with c, should allow you to determine I and k, but you will need to know m .
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