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Object manipulation is a form of dexterity play or performance in which one or more people physically interact with one or more objects. Many object manipulation skills are recognised circus skills. Other object manipulation skills are linked to sport, magic, and everyday objects or practices. Many object manipulation skills use special props made for that purpose: examples include the varied circus props such as balls, clubs, hoops, rings, poi, staff, and devil sticks; magic props such as cards and coins; sports equipment such as nunchaku and footballs. Any other object can also be used for manipulation skills. Object manipulation with ordinary items may be considered to be object manipulation when the object is used out of its socially acknowledged context and used differently from its original purpose.
Object manipulators may also be practitioners of fire performance, which is essentially object manipulation where specially designed props are soaked in fuel and lit on fire.

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  1. T

    I Trig Manipulations I'm Not Getting

    Hi all, I am starting with the following equation: ##2\cot\left(\frac{\theta}{2}\right) = \cot\left(\frac{k_{1}}{2}\right) - \cot\left(\frac{k_{2}}{2}\right)## with the following definitions: ##k_{1} = \frac{K}{2} + ik, k_{2} = \frac{K}{2}-ik, \theta = \pi(I_{2}-I_{1}) + iNk##, where...
  2. O

    Radio Wave Induced Firing Of Neurons Through Ca2+ Channel Manipulation

    I’ve read that the Ca2+ channels in neurons can be manipulated through the use of certain radio wave frequencies. And the resulting internal/external charge differential will cause the neurons to fire. Does anyone have any more insight into that?
  3. H

    Need To Do Fancy Windows File Manipulation

    I have about one hundred folders. Each folder has both .jpg and .mp4 files. I want to delete all the .jpgs but not the .mp4s. I don't want to do each folder by hand. Does anyone know the Windows/DOS command that will do this. Just moving the files depending on file type is enough.
  4. C

    Exploring Audio Signal Manipulation with Circuits

    I'm just playing around with circuitry, working with manipulation of Audio Signals in active circuits(My guitar, going to build an internal preamplifier). I've been trying to find an answer on this all day with no luck. As eager as I am to see what the effect would be it would be nice to know...
  5. C

    I Manipulation of 2nd, 3rd & 4th order tensor using Index notation

    If I have an equation, let's say, $$\mathbf{A} = \mathbf{B} + \mathbf{C}^{Transpose} \cdot \left( \mathbf{D}^{-1} \mathbf{C} \right),$$ 1.) How would I write using index notation? Here A is a 4th rank tensor B is a 4th rank tensor C is a 3rd rank tensor D is a 2nd rank tensor I wrote it as...
  6. Wannabe Physicist

    On the Validity of Swapping Dummy Indices in Tensor Manipulation

    Property (a) simply states that a second rank tensor that vanishes in one frame vanishes in all frames related by rotations. I am supposed to prove: ##T_{i_1 i_2} - T_{i_2 i_1} = 0 \implies T_{i_1 i_2}' - T_{i_2 i_1}' = 0## Here's my solution. Consider, $$T_{i_1 i_2}' - T_{i_2 i_1}' = r_{i_1...
  7. MathematicalPhysicist

    I An algebraic manipulation in Schutz's book on GR

    Attached is a pic of the page in the book: My problem is with equation (11.34) specifically with the term ##\frac{6M^3}{L^2}y## I get ##L^4## instead of ##L^2##. Here are my calculations (I also checked it with maple's expand command)...
  8. U

    I Help with Levi-Civita manipulation

    How do I write the following expression $$\epsilon_{mnk} J_{1n} \partial_i\left[\frac{x_m J_{2i}}{|\vec{x}-\vec{x}'|}\right]$$ back into vectorial form? Einstein summation convention was used here. Context: The above expression was derived from the derivation of torque on a general current...
  9. C

    Manipulation of a Thermodynamic Relation

    ##(\frac {∂p} {∂ρ})_s=ϒ(\frac {∂p} {∂ρ})_T## The variables are p for pressure, ρ for specific mass density and γ is ratio of specific heats. I am able to show that the relation is valid for a perfect gas but cannot show its validity in general. The closest I get is ##dp=(\frac {∂p} {∂ρ})_s...
  10. Data Base Erased

    I Beginner question about tensor index manipulation

    For instance, using the vector ##A^\alpha e_\alpha##: ##g_{\mu \nu} e^\mu \otimes e^\nu (A^\alpha e_\alpha) = g_{\mu \nu} (e^\mu, A^\alpha e_\alpha) e^\nu ## ##g_{\mu \nu} e^\mu \otimes e^\nu (A^\alpha e_\alpha) = A^\alpha g_{\mu \nu} \delta_\alpha^\mu e^\nu = A^\mu g_{\mu \nu} e^\nu = A_\nu...
  11. J

    Is this manipulation "evil" or simply not intuitive due to unfamiliarity?

    The solution is as follows : The substitution is what nags me , which is as follows : This substitution "trick" to me seems impossibly difficult to arrive at "logically" without pretty much reverse engineering the problem. So is this simply a lack of practice/ familiarisation showing ? I feel...
  12. M

    Kronecker Delta & Levi Civita manipulation

    εikl εjmngkmMkn = εikl εjknMkn = (in book it changed sign to -εikl εjknMkn - Why? ) By identity εikl εnjkMln = (δinδkj - δijδkn)Mkn = ? I then get .. Mji - δij Mnn ( is this correct ?) There 's more to the question but if can get this part right, I should be able to complete the...
  13. NP04

    Algebraic manipulation with factorials

    I substituted and got ((xn/2nn!) + 1)/(xn/2nn!). I then multiplied by 2nn! to each side and got (xn + 2nn!)/(xn). Now I am confused as to what my next step should be.
  14. D

    I Electromagnetic Fields and the manipulation of Space-Time

    Summary: Mathematical and Physical queries in regards to Electromagnetic Fields and their manipulation of Space-Time. I recently started looking into Einstein's Field Equations, to get a better understanding of how mass distorts and curves the plane of Space-Time, however from doing this I...
  15. H

    What is the Well-Known Feedback Expression for Block Diagram Manipulation?

    Hello I hope someone can help me, as i am kinda stuck for the moment. As you can see, the assignment states that I need to find the poles from the closed loop transfer function. I plan on doing so, by using block diagram reduction method. This is as fare as I've come, and can't come...
  16. H

    I Pole Identification Using Block Diagram Reduction

    Hello I hope someone can help me, as i am kinda stuck for the moment. As you can see, the assignment states that I need to find the poles from the closed loop transfer function. I plan on doing so, by using block diagram reduction method. This is as fare as I've come, and can't come further...
  17. Avatrin

    3D file manipulation resources

    Hi I am trying to learn how to manipulate 3D files like obj or stl using programming (I primarily use Python, but also know Javascript). Which resources can I use to learn this?
  18. K

    I can't seem to follow the manipulation of the equation

    Hello! In the picture below, i can't seem to understand how they get from the first line, to the second line. (https://imgur.com/a/Fal3T) When i write it up as dr/dT on the leftside, and separate the r's and the T's, i get dr/((1/2)*r-(1/16)*r^5)=dT which is not the same as in the...
  19. MrGenetic

    Gene Manipulation / Transformation

    Hi. If we want cell to accept vector dna in transformation, we treated with calcium chloride or chilled on ice etc.. But i have a trouble with one issue about that. Books say that ; We must choose the vector that specific according to the cell that will do transformation. But we will treat with...
  20. N

    Calculating Electric Field and Force in Vector Manipulation Problem

    Homework Statement 1. Calculate the electric field at field point 3i + 6j created by a 5.50uC electric charge at 13i + 8j 2. Calculate the electric force on an electron at field point 3i + 6j and in the same electric field calculated for the prior problem. Homework Equations The Attempt at a...
  21. Buzz Bloom

    Bad society from human genetic manipulation

    In the thread https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/first-human-embryos-edited-in-u-s.921238/ the film Gattaca was discussed as an example of a very bad society brought about by the use of human genetic manipulation. In my opinion the Gattaca society is a very poor example of this in that is is...
  22. B

    Writing: Input Wanted Superhero powers from manipulation of spacetime & mass

    I am working on a story where superheroes have started to appear. Their powers are all based on manipulation of spacetime and mass, and not on electromagnetism. One character is a speedster who can compress time. He can experience many seconds while everything around him experiences one...
  23. D

    What are the causes and effects of contrails in the upper Mississippi valley?

    I live in the upper Mississippi valley, near the boundary intersection for the states of Wisconsin, Iowa, and Illinois. It is a very rare day that I cannot see several, sometimes many, very high altitude con trails in the sky. The usually progress roughly NE across my area, although this morning...
  24. S

    A Manipulation with the Dirac equation

    I know that the Dirac equation is ##i\gamma^{\mu}\partial_{\mu}\psi=m\psi##. How do I use this to show that ##(\partial_{\mu}\bar{\psi})\gamma^{\mu}=im\bar{\psi}##?
  25. Physics Dad

    I Solve Physics Problems: Splitting Algebraic Equations | Step-by-Step Guide

    Hi, I am having a real senior moment and can't quite get my head around a physics problem. I need to split an equation into two parts, in turn creating a coefficient and my mind has gone totally blank! I need to split the Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution formula from: f(v) =...
  26. T

    Pendulum equation/expression, manipulation Help

    Homework Statement Converting the simple pendulum expression for g in terms of the angular frequency ω instead of the period T, where ω=2π/T, yields g=ω2L. Derive an expression for the error (Δg) in g by first setting g=A⋅B. A= B= Therefore in terms of A, ΔA, B, and ΔB: Δg/g= Converting back...
  27. Adoniram

    Clever Manipulation of Maxwell's Equations

    Homework Statement This is a general question that applies to many homework problems (and real world problems), but I will provide an example to help guide the discussion. I am hoping you all can give me some examples of particularly clever manipulations of Maxwell's equations to make a...
  28. C

    MHB Simplifying radicals - Help with basic number manipulation

    Hi I'm trying to give myself a refresher in Leaving Cert maths and I'm running through some problems. Here's one which has me stumped (sorry I can't figure out how to show the actual symbols on the post, it's just showing as raw LaTEX when I try ) Combine terms and simplify the expression of -...
  29. P

    A Achieving q-switching through cavity stability manipulation

    Does anyone know if there's any q-switching technique that makes use of an unstable resonant cavity (or some kind of switching of the cavity between stable and unstable) to achieve the pulse output?
  30. C

    No idea -- algebraic manipulation involving powers

    Homework Statement If x=2+2^1/2+2^2/3. Then x^3-6x^2+6x=? Homework Equations (A+b+c)^2=a^2+b^2+c^2+2(ab+bc+ca+) The Attempt at a Solution x^2= 6+3(2^2/3)+2^4/3+4(2^1/3)[/B]
  31. Trec93

    Doppler effect Formula manipulation

    Homework Statement I have this Doppler effect formula, but I don't know how it was derived, I can't repeat the process myself to solve for speed of the source, I would really appreciate if someone could mathematicly solve this in steps, thank you very much. Homework Equations...
  32. saybrook1

    How can a -1 exponent be manipulated in the Sinh series?

    Homework Statement Hello, I'm not trying to solve this exact problem although mine is similar and I am confused on how they were able to get a -1 in the exponent from one step to another. Homework Equations I have attached a picture indicating the step that I am confused about. How are they...
  33. C

    Can the Markov chain be used in qubit manipulation?

    Can a Markov chain be used to generate a set of qubits given their initial state?
  34. W

    I Manipulation of Integral limits

    I was looking over my lectures notes and became stumped when the lecturer began manipulating an integral using a dummy variable. I've attached the integral below as a JPEG. I can follow the substitution up until the very end but am having trouble understanding why he replaced u with a positive s...
  35. H

    Can Gordon Identity Be Adapted for Different Spinor Equations?

    The Gordon identity allows us to solve using $$2m \bar{u}_{s'}(\textbf{p}')\gamma^{\mu}u_{s}(\textbf{p}) = \bar{u}_{s'}(\textbf{p}')[(p'+p)^{\mu} -2iS^{\mu\nu} (p'-p)_{\nu}]u_{s}(\textbf{p}) $$ But how would we solve for $$2m \bar{u}_{s'}(\textbf{p}')\gamma^{\mu}v_{s}(\textbf{p}) $$ Would a...
  36. P

    Gravity Manipulation: Benefits and Implications

    With the upcoming gravitational waves discovery , after we study their practical aspect enough , will we ever be able to manipulate gravity or something as such ? What exactly are the major benefits of this discovery . It ''opens a window for physics'' but what exactly this implies besides the...
  37. G

    C: Manipulation with structures

    Homework Statement Write a program that reads data about n number of books. Sort data about books lexicographically by title (if the title is the same, sort by publish year), and then for every book sort data about authors. Then, read name and surname of one of the previously read authors, and...
  38. E

    Help with Logarithm Manipulation for an Athletics question

    I am interested in track & have found through some hard work that for 800 that 1'42.00 is same value as for 3'44.00 for 1600 ( note : for 1600m not 1 mile ) It is a Log relationship but I can't quite settle on what the value for equivalence should be for 1500m. I have a provisional figure of...
  39. Amrator

    Manipulating Power Series for Coefficient Extraction

    Homework Statement By considering the power series (good for |x| < 1) ##\frac{1}{1-x} = \sum_{n=0}^\infty x^n = 1 + x + x^2 + x^3 + x^4 +...## Describe how to manipulate this series in some way to obtain the result: ##\sum_{n=1}^\infty nx^n = \frac{x}{(1-x)^2}## Homework Equations Maclaurin...
  40. L

    An elementary equation manipulation in CFT

    A presumably basic introductory equation manipulation in 2-d conformal field theory. How does from (when the metric is Euclidean) follow The right equation is clear (the metric is zero for different indices). But how do i get to the first equation on the left? thank you
  41. gfd43tg

    Transfer function algebraic manipulation

    Homework Statement Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I don't know if I am just stupid, but I can't see how to make this manipulation. I tried factoring the denominator $$ g_{p} = \frac {-1.43}{(s-1.399)(s+5.086)} $$ Then take out -1.399 and 5.086 $$ g_{p} = \frac...
  42. M

    MHB Simplification and manipulation

    Hi All, I've been stuck on a problem and after much simplification, it has been reduced to the following: Is it possible to factor out the (a^2 - b^2) bit. For example, if a = b, the equation would not be valid. Is there any way to factor it out using manipulation? Best wishes, 'nap
  43. B

    Integration algabriac manipulation problem

    Hello there, I was wondering if someone might be able to help me out with some intermediate steps please. I can't see how $$f_{tt} =-\int_{r_0}^0 \left(\frac{2Gm_0}{r} - \frac{2Gm_0}{r_0}\right)^{-\frac{1}{2}} dr$$ becomes $$f_{tt} =-...
  44. E

    Manipulating λmax * T formula to relate T1 to ∆T

    Homework Statement In an experiment to study a black body radiator, the intensity of emitted radiation is measured as a function of the wavelength of the radiation. At a particular temperature T1 the wavelength of the highest intensity radiation is determined to be λ1. When the temperature is...
  45. shanepitts

    Function manipulation involving trigonometry

    I'm trying to integrate a function in a classical physics problem but when I apply the limits it gave undefined results. Hence, I looked up that particular part of the solution and I did not fathom the function manipulation. It states that if x≤b in the following expression...
  46. binbagsss

    Ricci Tensor/Scalar Contraction Manipulation Q&A

    So my textbook definitions of the ricci tensor and ricci scalar are: ##R_{ab}=R_{acbd}g^{cd}## - I note the contraction is over the 2nd and 4th index. and the 1st and 3rd. ##R=R_{ab}g^{ab}## Now, I'm trying to show that...
  47. Greg3Dot

    Physics Lab / Equation manipulation

    1. T^2 = (4 pi^2 m)/k * d^2 + (4 pi^2 I)/k y = m * x + c Information (4 pi^2 m)/k = m (gradient) (4 pi^2 I)/k = c (the y intercept ) A graph of T^2 vs d^2 was plotted. (^2) means squared Find constants k and I How is this done since the m in the...
  48. nuclearhead

    Best software for tensor manipulation?

    Do you know any good software for manipulating tensors: varying Lagrangians, checking gauge and supersymmetry transformations, etc. ? One that could deal with anti-commuting variables would be good too. One that also supplied group constants for SU(n) etc. would also be useful. I was also...
  49. K

    Solving Tensor Index Manipulation Confusion

    I am making mess of the following expression.. i have following expression ## \frac{\partial{g}}{\partial{g_{\mu j}}} *g_{\nu j}=g \delta^{\mu} _{\nu} ## then I have sum over j only in the above expression. But above expression is nonzero only when ##{\mu}## is equal to ##\nu##. So we have ##...
  50. M

    Integrals and gamma functions manipulation

    Homework Statement I am working through some maths to deepen my understanding of a topic we have learned about. However I am not sure what the author has done and I have copied below the chunk I am stuck on. I would be extremely grateful if someone could just briefly explain what is going on...