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Testing Physics Olympiad US physics team qualifying exam

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    Is there a place i could find the qualifying exam questions from the past years for practice?
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    I believe there are several books with collections of Olympiad questions. Check out www.amazon.com[/URL]
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    are those actually olympiad questions? i saw opne at amazon and its called International Physics Olympiad. i'm just looking for the qualiofying exam questions (this is the exam where the top 200 scorers become semi finalists).
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    I can't say since I haven't actually read one.
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    is there a website where a lot of physics problems are stored? just in general,
    not necesscerily, but preferably from the olympiad qualifying exam?
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    The BAUPC exam is similar: http://liquids.deas.harvard.edu/oleg/competition/prev.html" [Broken]

    And IPhO problems: http://www.jyu.fi/tdk/kastdk/olympiads/problems.html" [Broken]

    Have fun.
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    what about specifically olympiad qualifying questions?
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    oh, great, thanks. is there a link to the solutions as well?
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    Solutions to the qualifier exams are released to the teachers who proctor and grade them, but not released online. Solutions to the Semi-finalist test are released only to students who qualified and took the test.
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    there books onsale in amazon, collections of olympad problems
  13. Jan 26, 2010 #12
    chuxingli - I don't know if you are still using this forum - but you asked about the Physics exams and answer keys awhile back, and I have a family member in the same position. High schooler (very young) took the qualifying test today and did very poorly but is extremely gifted, and can do much better with practice. On line we found the qualifying test from 2008 but no answer key. If you (or ANYONE??) else reading this has any past tests and/or ans. keys or solution keys to ANY past year's Physic's Teams tests of any kind, can you pls send the link? Or I can send you my email address if you can send them to me. Thanks!
  14. Jan 27, 2010 #13
    Does stephen hawking participate in this?
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