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PHYSICS - physical pendulum - Need your help

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    A physical pendulum consists of a uniform rod of length L = 1.5 meters. The mass of the rod is 5kg and the rod is pivoted about its end. The rod is pulled out to an angle of θ0=0.2rad and is then given a push so that its instantaneous angular velocity is -0.5 rad/sec.
    a) What is the period of the oscillator?
    b) Determine the function for θ(t), the angular displacement from vertical as a function of time.
    c) What is the angular kinetic energy of the rod after 1.0 sec?
    d) What is the maximum torque on the rod during the course of its oscillation?
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    Will you show your works so that it might be easy to help. The basic thing to start with is initial kinetic energy and then use energy conservatin to relate it to find other things. Specific helps will be given only after you show that you tried it.
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