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Physics Theories of Stage Lighting?

  1. May 6, 2012 #1
    For my physics class, we are doing a large project for our finals. I wanted to do mine on dealing with stage lighting (theatre). I tried googling and doing some research, but couldn't find much. Does anyone know any theories related to the physics of stage lighting?
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    Which aspect of stage lighting? The actual lights? The mechanical construction of the supporting frame or lights? Have you read the wikipedia articles on light or optics?
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    I did my stage lighting final project on color mixing, perception, and pigments/makeup...
    Is that to physiological to be physics? I also considered, but rejected, the idea of doing my psychology of perception final using polarizers and filters that were either narrow band or multi-band (say a narrow yellow vs one that passes only red and green...).

    Might be some double slit interference patterns you could do too.
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