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I Piezoelectric crystal energy restoration

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    Let's say that I deform some piezoelectric tile and the energy(Fs here) is stored in form of some stress energy and some electrical energy(distribution of the centres of charges looking as a capacitor).
    Now I remove the force and then remove the electrical energy somehow so by the inverse piezo effect the tile deforms back by some distance (say d) but the stress energy is still present( s-d displacement is still there)
    Later I put the force again and deform it by the same total amount s, so will the additional energy ( F.(s-d)) be stored completely in form of stress energy, completely in form of mechanical energy or in the form of some mechanical and some electrical energy

    I would really appreciate if you could give me some visualization on the microscopic aspects of this process
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    When the force is removed, the crystal will oscillate mechanically. It is not a static situation.
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    In the setting described by smak64, if the electrical energy was removed while the force was still acting on the material (and thereby a stress caused by the force was exerted on the material), how would the piezoelectric tile respond ?
    To mathematically state : Force F caused a displacement s energy stored Fs. Some energy converted into Electrical given by (kFs) 0<k<1, This electrical energy was extracted while the force was acting. How would the tile respond ?
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    Yeah, AP9 describes it correctly. I messed up some sentences
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