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Planewave scattering on metal wedge problem

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    Hi, I need help with following problem: I need to solve scattering of the planewave incident on the metal wedge. Let's say that wave travels in $z$ direction. Angle of wedge is $\alpha$, it is formed in $x-z$ plane. Wedge is infinite in $y$ direction (metal corner, if $\alpha = \pi / 2$, it will fill quarter space). Wave propagates along wedge angle axis. I need analytical solution. I'd like to know what modes are
    participating in scattering (namely I'm interested in possible coupling of incident wave to surface waves). I know that solution is more complicated, but I will appreciate any references to books or papers, where this problem is described.
    Thank you
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    Balanis' "Advanced Engineering Electromagnetics" covers the problem of scattering and diffraction by a wedge.
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    Thank you, I will take a look at it.
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