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Please give me a brief information of these undergraduate degrees

  1. Jun 16, 2012 #1
    (1)CSE(computer science and engineering)
    (2)ECE(electronics and communication engineering)
    (3)EEE(electrical and electronics engineering)
    (4) EE(electrical engineering)
    (5) SE(software engineering)
    (6) IT(information technology)

    what is basic thing that is different in all these trades..

    i have a weak to fill up my choices so i want to gather information about branches...
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  3. Jun 16, 2012 #2
    Why can't you use Google?
  4. Jun 16, 2012 #3
    i had tried but doesn't get any good information..
    everybody will tell me about these things(a particular discipline) but none tell about what's the difference>>
    and that's what i need
  5. Jun 16, 2012 #4
    If you know about the different disciplines, then surely the difference between them would be obvious?
  6. Jun 16, 2012 #5
    Come on, guys, try to be a little more helpful. It does no good to tell someone to "Google it", because chances are Google is what brings people to these very forums. That is what brought me here. Unfortunately, Google "answers" most of my "questions" by bringing me to forums where someone else has asked the same question and usually not received a good answer.

    As for the OP, I agree that most of the info about these different majors/degrees seems to overlap a great deal, leaving the differences difficult to discern. My understanding is that all of these studies will give you access to all the same jobs, with the exception of IT which seems more likely to lead you to a corporate/business type job.

    In my humble understanding, the reason to take these different majors is not to target any specific job, but to have a slightly different journey in getting to the same destination. In other words, it goes back to that old oft repeated sentiment "study what you enjoy" so if one major is more interesting than another, take that one. Perhaps the best way to decide which one is more interesting is by going to a university website and taking a look at the required course curriculum for each major and decide which classes sound more interesting. I am in the same situation of deciding what to study, and this is the method that seems most helpful to me. Then again, if you already know what university you are going to, chances are they don't offer all these different things, but only some of them, so that limits your choices already.

    I could be totally wrong about this, and if I am I hope someone would correct me. Like many who arrive here via Google, I am just an aspiring student trying to make the best decision.
  7. Jun 16, 2012 #6
    i am thinking to choose electrical and electronics engineering , it looks more core branch i mean more basic => more deeper...

    any tip from u..
    which of the above teaches from very basics...
  8. Jun 16, 2012 #7
    I can't speak from experience, but your guess sounds good to me. If you mean to avoid specializing, then just plain old Electrical Engineering would appear to have the broadest and least specific approach.

    I should have mentioned earlier, but I think most of those are more hardware focused while software engineering is obviously more software focused.
  9. Jun 17, 2012 #8
    By "filling up your choices", I assume you're referring to the AIEEE online choice-fillup. If that is the case, would you mind telling us your rank as well? Because even if you choose an engineering branch that appeals to you, if your rank doesn't meet up to the competition, all is for nothing.

    Of course, I do realise that branch suggestions aren't what you're asking for, but just telling; if your rank is low, do not give top priority to competitive branches like ECE/EEE. Chances are you're end up with nothing.
  10. Jun 17, 2012 #9
    my AIR is 9616 :cry: ..
    i am from delhi and my state rank is 1012..
    and my score is 216..
    i can't get in top cream layer colleges but i think i can get lower nits..

    you seems to be from India if it is so then can you please help me in other counsellings??
  11. Jun 17, 2012 #10
    I don't think you're rank is bad at all, considering you got into the top 10000. But yes, the higher NITs and top colleges are inaccessible with that rank, for ECE/EEE. That being said, I think you might have a possibility of getting into NIT Delhi through the HS quota, though it'd be a tough scrape if you did.

    I suggest you go through last year's opening and closing ranks (if you haven't done so already), to get an idea of how reachable you desired college/course is, and then choose your preferences according to it. Here is the link: - http://www.ccb.nic.in/ccb2012/website/orcrforaieee2011.html [Broken]

    Also, since you are in the top 10000, you become eligible to apply to IISERs as well, in case you aren't looking at engineering alone.

    And yes, I'm from India as well, and can help you with other counselling doubts if you have any.
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  12. Jun 19, 2012 #11
    what about IISER..
    are they good enough?????
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