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Quantum Please give me some advisory about the QFT book of Grensing.

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    Please give me some advisory about the book: Structural aspects of QFT and Noncommutative Geometry of Gerhard Grensing. I am reading QFT book of Weinberg and I have no idea to continue to read which book in QFT after finishing the Weinberg's books.
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    P.S I feel the QFT books of Weinberg are difficult!
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    Then you should read a more introductory book on QFT. My favorite at the moment is the pretty new book by Schwartz. Another good one is Ryder and (with some caveats concerning a lot of typos and conceptual inaccuracies) Peskin&Schroeder.

    I don't know any better book than Weinberg's on that matter yet.
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