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Please suggest Intorductory Book for beginners

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    I would like to know about a book which is simple to understand and serves as an introduction to philosophy in general and the various philosophies from Plato to Kant and even more modern Philosophy. Would be great if "free" online material is suggested. Don't want to spend too many bucks.But will spend if book is really good.

    Would be great if thread where such books are listed is pointed out.
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    And this is actually quite good.... and no, I don't work for the company.

    http://www.teach12.com/ttcx/coursedesclong2.aspx?cid=4200 [Broken]
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    haha... :)
    you'll never learn anything about philosophy from books. you'll learn a great deal about the history of philosophy though. just go to a local library and pick a random book from the philosophy section. they usually have all the "classical" stuff you mentioned, and maybe even more recent works.
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