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Homework Help: Please take a look at that problem

  1. Dec 5, 2007 #1
    Two springs, spring constants K1 and K2, are attached to a block of mass M on a frictionless table as shown. What will (w) be for the simple harmonic motion of the block if it is kicked?

    what should I do.... please give me a hint...

    the picture is like..


    where #### represents the spring with constant k1
    and $$$$ represents the spring with constant k2
    @ is the block attached to the springs...

    the hint is that I have to isolate the point between the two srpings... I tried but I did not get the answer..

    which is

    w=sqrt(k1*k2/(k1 + k2)*m)

    PLEASE I HAVE A FINAL on tuesday hel me....
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    If you stretch the block through a distance X by applying a force F, the spring S1 will stretch through X1 and spring S2 will stretch through X2. Since for the spring F = kX, X1 = F/k1 abd X2 = F/k2. Now find the spring constant of combined spring and find the (w).
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