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Homework Help: Pmods and Digilent boards, Daugheter needs mentor

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    I am helping my daughter with her Comp. Eng homework and project. The jerk men don't want to partner with a female engineer. So I am her partner and pushing her in the correct direction.

    They use a digilent board with the pmods.

    I am not an EE, though I do embedded systems. I just cannot help her with hardware.

    Is there anyone here that has experience with these boards and can mentor her a bit with the hardware. She knows her stuff. she just lacks confidence.

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    Have sent you a PM.

    A general summary for anyone else who finds this thread:

    Digilent (http://www.digilentinc.com" [Broken]) is a brand of microcontroller development board, so the important question is "which model of board do you have" or "what chip is on the board".
    "PMods" is their brand name for accessory boards you can attach to the microcontroller ie. switches, LEDs, etc.

    This forum is great for physics stuff, but if you have questions about microcontrollers then there are better forums for that topic:
    http://www.avrfreaks.com" [Broken] for Atmel AVR stuff
    http://www.edaboard.com" [Broken] electronics of all sorts
    ...and many others, depending on the type of chip.

    The small amount of specific information you need about your Digilent board, and the PMods, is available on the Digilent website. (ie. the circuit diagram of the board)

    And then, depending on the type of chip on the board, (PIC32, Atmega64, etc.) you just go looking for help with that chip.

    So if you've got a PIC32 development board, then all advice and information for the PIC32 is appropriate - you just need to know how everything is connected on your particular brand of devel board.
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    Nice post, Ta205. Welcome to the PF!
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