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Pointer to data wanted please -- looking for a primer on phased array radar

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    Fair warning: I can handle basic physics stuff, but probably nothing post-collegiate. :)

    Specifically, I'm looking for a primer on phased array radar that will tell me two things: 1) what are the practical physical (antenna) requirements for running a PAR system in the 800MHz/5GHz bands, and 2) What kind of circuit is used to do the phase-adjustment work for the various transmitter antennae?

    I know this sounds outlandish, but with the recent explosion of cheap DIY/Arduino radar sensor boards, it seems like this RF territory must have been pretty thoroughly thrashed out - somewhere there is a textbook or batch of papers that will talk about this with some authority, right?

    Alternatively, are there any colleges in southern California with RF labs/departments that specialize in this kind of stuff?

    -Jeff Evarts, armchair polymath
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    Skolnik - Introduction to Radar Systems - Irwin . Most excellent book .
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    Are you looking to do both TX and RX with the PAR, or just RX with angular sensing of the source direction?
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    ideally I would do both tx and rx from either one or two relatively small surfaces (2cm radius-ish) but if that's mechanically prohibited due to wavelength, other solutions (like a separate transmitting antenna) can be used. This would be test/prototype gear, lovingly produced. :)

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    Would this be in the ISM band? You need to be careful where you to transmitting radar signals... :smile:
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    I really don't know what band would be used... there was some speculation in the reviews of the arduino radar sensors that they operated in the shorter wavelengths, so that's what I was basing my questions on. I have NO intention of producing, using, or proselytizing illegal radio transmissions! My life is complicated enough without legal issues. :)

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