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Poiseullie's Equation experiment

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    I am taking physics for the first time in my life (senior in undergraduate) and I haev so lost! I have to create an experiment using Poiseullie's equation. I have no idea where to start! I have tried doing some internet reserach, but I am not understanding the sites I am finding. Any suggestions?
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    Chris Hillman

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    What happened when you asked your instructor for clarification/advice? Are you supposed to be searching websites or books for useful information?
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    Well, after google corrected the spelling of Poiseuille for me, a lot of the hits looked pretty informative. I know that the accuracy of wikipedia.org can be questionable as you get to more complex subjects, but their page on Poiseuille's Law looks pretty good:


    Do you have specific questions? What physical apparatus do you think you should use to demonstrate the flow equations?
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    Well, my instructor just told me to look around for assitance. I know, not much help. She suggested looking on the internet for an experiment. I have no idea what apparatus to use, or anything really. I'm really quite lost and clueless. This is for a project, so we haven't gone over this information in class yet. I googled the topic as well, but I don't understand the lanugage used in them.
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    Do you understand the figure at the wikipedia link that shows the differences in the flow for a liquid in a pipe, based on the radius from the center? What kind of physical demonstration does that imply?
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