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Polypropylene Production Best Method

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    Hey everybody!

    I'm studying different polypropylene production process, and I've found a lot of them these days.

    Could you tell me what do you think about it? What's the better way, and what's more profitable if you are constructing a plant, and anything else?
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    Welcome to PF, Tim.
    Are you referring to the creation of raw poly, or the manufacture of goods using it as stock? If the former, it would appear to be pretty much of a toss-up between bulk slurry and gas phase. Perhaps the scale of production would make a deciding factor.
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    Thanks, Danger! :)

    Well, I think I was too vague in my question, sorry for that.

    But, I'm asking because of this publication I saw:
    http://www.slideshare.net/intratec/pr-intratec-30-july-2012 [Broken]

    And another one about a bulk phase process. These publications talk about the process and also the economic surroundings of the polypropylene production, that's why I this question just appeared in my mind.
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    I'm not knowledgeable about this subject, Tim, so I'm going to step aside and let someone else take over. My question was just to clarify what you want to achieve.
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