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Manufacture of solar panel, display, lithium ion battery and PCB

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    I am interesting to know about the manufactures of these products: crystalline silicon solar cells, thin-film solar modules, display screens like: Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), touch panel and plasma, thin film rechargeable lithium ion batteries, lithium ion batteries for electric car, fuel cells and printed circuit boards (PCB).
    I think that the manufactures of these products involve some areas like: nanotechnology, chemistry, materials engineering, micro electronics and electro optics, but I don't know the connections of these areas and the manufacture of these products, if you know something that are related to these connections so I will glad if you can write it in this thread.
    The manufacture of these products involve some process like: laser processes, vacuum coating, printing, metrology, metallization, wet chemical process and web processing.
    I want to know little about these processes, if you know one or more links that have easy information about these processes so I will glad if you can write them in this thread.

    Also I have a lot of questions about these issues but I don't need that you will know all the answers for all my questions but if you have any information that is related to one or more of these questions so I will glad if you can write about that in this thread.

    1. To manufactures these products, it need to produce a lot of thin layers that are combined together, I am interesting to know and understand the methods to coat this materials (to produce new layer)
    Some of the coating methods that I am interesting to know how these processes work are: printing coating, int-jet coating, vacuum coating, UV LED coating, and maybe there are more coating methods
    What are the layers that need to build when manufacture these products? What are the materials that use in every layer? What are the goals of every layer in every product?
    What is the connection between the layer Copper indium gallium selenide that do in thin film technology to photovoltaic?
    How the process of etching the layers works?
    When the machine does more etching than the wafer will have more defects but what will happen if the machine will do less etching than it need?
    How nanotechnology can improve the lithium ion batteries to be stronger batteries? And how nanotechnology can improve the others products?
    How the processes of cleaning the layers work?

    2. I search after information about the automation systems and machines that are involve in the process of manufacture these products
    To build these things need some automation systems and machines and I want to find the connections to know better about these automation systems and machines
    What are the connections between these process to automation systems and machines?
    What are the technologies in robotics and automation, control, mechanics, electronics, communication and artificial intelligent that these automation systems and machines have or what are the technologies that can improve these automation systems and machines that build these products?
    What are the new challenges and the new researches in these areas about the automation systems and machines that build these products?​
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    You are asking for a very large volume of information which is not easily summarized in a single reference.
    There are volumes of data and references available for any of your questions, each of which references entire industries.
    You might begin with the articles in Wikipedia on topics such as solid state electronics, semiconductor materials and photolithography. That should give you some areas to explore in greater depth.
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    Hi etudiant, thank you for your 3 links in Wikipedia.
    Hi to all the forum members, I really need your help so if anyone here knows something that is related to these issues so I will be glad if he can write it in this thread.
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    Please try to pinpoint some topic of your primary interest at basic level first, preferably with specific questions. That will help initiating a discussion. It will then automatically expand. Then you can ask further questions and help building up the topic.
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