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Positron and anti-proton existence

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    So, I was recently think about something. Don't ask me how I thought of this, but positrons and anti-protons were on my mind all day and I thought of something. I thought about inertia. I thought about it and the more and more I did I figured that there must be something within matter that makes inertia occur (this is kinda a theory I have so bare with me). So I was thinking that maybe it is the positrons and anti-protons within matter that make inertia occur.

    So maybe if we ran electro-static waves through, lets say a Hydrogen atom to change the frequency, which also changes the radius and oscillations of the protons and anti-protons, and electrons and positrons. If you could somehow alter the radius of the positron and anti-proton so that they have the same radius, and make them collide and destroy themselves would the hydrogen atom still exist or would this somehow do something to the atom to which we don't know what would happen, or do we have no clue whatsoever. What would happen to an atom if there were no anti-whatever particles?
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    Inertia has to do with mass and gravity..

    "So maybe if we ran electro-static waves through, lets say a Hydrogen atom to change the frequency"

    What is a electrostatic wave?
    Frequency of what? And how, and why?

    Where did the anti-protons come from? And the positrons?

    Why do you have to change the radius of the positron and antiproton to make them "collide" ? And you cant change the radii of particles just like that. The proton has its radius, wich is a concequence of the color force. And elementary particles (leptons and quarks) are pointlike, they have no size... (as we know of today).

    I mean, there is neither logic or physics in your reasoning. Sorry, but this is crap.
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