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Possible Health Issue Related to Writing Improperly?

  1. Jun 25, 2011 #1
    Don't get confused by the title:
    Simple and short:

    My sister for some reason can't write properly (alignment, neatness), if she doesn't turn her book horizontally. I've been forcing her to practice working with the book vertically but she's struggling and the writing is coming out sloppy.

    Is there some kind of condition / disease / disorder behind this? Or is it because she has been doing it for so long she is used to turning the book? Will about 2 weeks of writing "normally" make her adjust and write properly with the book vertically on the desk?
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    Why do you care?
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    Why does it matter? :S If she can write fine one way who are you to change what she's used to. It's not a disease, it's just habit and there's nothing wrong with it. The way she writes is most comfortable to her and you shouldn't try to change it, it isn't hurting anyone so just leave it alone
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    Ok.... Thanks, fellas
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    Had you read your own link, you would've noticed his sister clearly does not have agraphia.
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    Oh my bad. Can you find a better match?
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    Why is the "she does not have a medical condition" not a good enough match? I'm not saying this is true, but why is there a need to find something?
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    I also have an abnormal writing condition. It's a fairly widespread issue, affecting around 10% of the world's population, and it results in a marked deviation from the norm in the way I write. This condition is called being left-handed, and I very much doubt anyone here would advocate for forcing me to start writing "properly" in order to treat this "condition." So why would you try to force such measures upon your sister, who merely writes at a different angle from most people?

    If you can show that her idiosyncrasies constitute a significant detriment to her writing performance or overall quality of life, that's one thing. However, forcing her to do things your way solely due to the assumption that your way is the only proper way is dangerously intolerant. One has to ask, why are you so concerned that she write the same way you do, and that deviations from such may be a recognized disease?
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    Good point(s). You're right. Thanks
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    As a child, my mother was left-handed at the beginning, but she was forced by my grandmother to write "properly" in order to fix this "condition." IIRC my grandmother would hit my mother at her left hand if she tried to write left-handed. Fortunately, my mother did not repeat those tactics with me (I am left-handed as well).
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