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Possible quantum implications of GR?

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    So after hearing a few theories, I had this idea that seems to make some sense. The problem is that all of the math involved is waaaay beyond anything Ive done, and I don't even know where to start. So basically I have this theory that seems to make a lot of qualitative sense but I have no way to analyze is mathematically.

    The "theory" that got me thinking about this is that all the fundamental particles (or only massive ones? Not sure on the details since its not a real theory) are black holes. Doing the math, they would turn out to be naked ring singularities (suprising connection to string theory there although possible coincidental). That fact is what makes this not a theory, because of the censorship hypothesis.

    However, I came across the backward causation interpretation of QM which got me thinking about this again. I don't know the real details of this interpretation (I have an open thread in the QM section), but from what Ive read the EPR "paradox" can be explained by backward causation (this is the only interpretation that actually fixes faster than light travel even though they all fix FTL information travel). Since naked singularities are capable of this phenemona, it seems like a possiblity.

    Another bit of evidence is that closed time-like curves turn out deterministic universe into a non-deterministic one.

    I realize all of this is pretty much meaningless but there is a suprising connection between GR and QM through this "theory" so I was wondering what people thought?
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    That is the only part I see anyone agreeing with.
    What does it mean to “turn out deterministic universe” ?.

    Maybe if you could discribe in detail just one “suprising connection between ……” and show how you think it is “evidence” of just what?

    And someone might be able to make a comment.
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