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Possible to Shield Astronauts from Cosmic Radiation?

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    Do we have the technology to properly shield astronauts on a mission to Mars from interplanetary radiation? How much of a health issue is this radiation?
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    In the designs I've seen, the food and water for the voyage would be stored around the living chambers, and absorb most solar radiation. In addition, a very small led-lined compartment has been proposed for emegencies. If a solar flare is detected, the cosmonauts lock themselves in this room untill the worst has passed.

    Of course, protection on the planet's surface is also a challenge, and may be haredr to solve.
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    I read in a science journal, that the creation of a powerful magnetic field around the spaceship via superconductors would lower the danger of cosmic rays.
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    Yes, but I think that a magnetic field that strong might also interfere with ordinary body chemistry.
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    They still have to deal with cosmic radiation.

    On the planet's surface they might just borrow into the ground.
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    I don't think the problem is in the technology, dimensionless. It's the weight.
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    That's an idea I once had, too. If the vehicle uses ion propulsion, the magnetic field for the engines might be used as shielding also.
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    Does anybody know if Superconductors let X-Rays pass as easly as the same Superconductors that are not in a Superconductive state?

    Also, Please pose the same question for BEC states and not just Superconductors.

    An honest answer will be sufficient.
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