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Postgraduate studies in Particle Physics or Radiation Physics?

  1. Apr 5, 2014 #1
    Hello Everyone!

    I have a huge dilemma this period.I'm searching/applying for masters but I've not yet quite come to a conclusion regarding the field.For example,I love particle/nuclear physics but I also like radiation physics and radiation biology.My undergrad thesis was on radiation biology and biodosimetry and I was quite good at it,however I am more passionate about particle or theoretical physics.I know that the latter is a harder path to follow with less funding on the way but truth is it would definitely intrigue me more.And as far as I've searched I've not yet found a satisfactory way to combine them both.Any suggestions?

    I may also note my financial state is really bad which means that I would probably have to earn a scholarship/find a funding/get a loan or work in order to obtain a masters deegree,meaning that my family will not support me.
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    Have you thought about medical physics? You could aim to get involved with proton therapy or other light ion therapy - treatments for cancer that are growing in popularity because of the improvements in dose distribution that they offer. A lot of medical physics research is of an applied physics or engineering nature, so it may not be a perfect fit, but give I what you've stated as your interests it's at least worth a look.
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