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Power Electronics Book with DIY Projects

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    I am a recent Electrical Engineering grad specializing in Power Systems. Are there any books with DIY projects relating to Power Electronics? I would like to do some projects that I will be able to put on my resume so employers will see that I have hands-on experience.
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    Does it have to be a book? There's a lot of articles on the net about building your own e-bike, e-skateboard, or e-scooter. If you design and build the speed controller yourself it's a good way to demonstrate skills in motor controls. Plus it's a fun project and you get something useful out of it.
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    That's true, I'll look into some projects I can find online. Also, since I specialized in Power Systems, would it be good for me to do some projects relating to high power audio amplifiers? Or should I stick to power electronics projects since it relates to my specialization. Although I didnt specialize in microelectronics, I would hope that entry-level positions wouldn't be too specific when hiring potential candidates.
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