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Hello everyone,

I am new here and I really really need someone's help.

I am studying the operational issues that could arise when connecting a windfarm to the grid. I have drawn a circuit model and it is the one I will use for the study. I am stuck with the circuit analysis. I need to derive the state space equations in order to get the system matrix from which I can study the stability by finding the eigenvalues. Once I have derived the equations I can do it myself using MATLAB but I need someone to help me with the equations PLEASE. The voltage source on the left hand side represents an infinite bus at 33 kV and 50 Hz. I am only interested in what happens on the right hand side ie distribution level.

I need the voltages across the resistors to be the outputs and voltages across the capacitors and currents across inductors to be state variables. I only need the equations i can derive the matrices.

Reply as soon as possible. I've attached the circuit to this post.

thanks a lot


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