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  1. P

    Single Line Diagram - Power Systems

    Hey everybody, Its recurrent in Power System Analysis and Electrical Instalations the SL diagram. I need recommendations of books in which I can read about it. Ive done a little research but couldnt find anything. Thats amusing, in which classes are this diagram teached for the first time...
  2. Manoj Sahu

    Does the neutral conductor carry current during normal working condition in a house?

    I read in a book that during normal working condition (balanced system) the current through a neutral conductor is zero i.e., Ia+Ib+Ic =0 where Ia, Ib, Ic are phase current of three different phases a, b, c. How is that possible? I mean if you look at mathematical result of the phases they are...
  3. Manoj Sahu

    What are some recent electrical engineering topics to write an IEEE/Journals paper?

    Hi. I am an electrical engineering student in my final year. I want to write a research or review paper this year before completing my degree. I haven't written any paper before. I don't know where to start. Will someone please guide me? In addition to that I haven't selected any topics so I...
  4. L

    Power System, synchronous generator

    Sorry for bad title(little informative regarding my question), however I came across the following question given as an exam question at some university. Question: "A synchronous generator is running overexcited with excitation voltage Ef = 1.40 p.u and connected to the network at voltage of 1...