Practical approach to building a breeder reactor, help please?

  1. hi,

    i am interested in nuclear physics but i dont really want to delve into the complexity of it, so could someone please give me an idea of the practical approach to making a breeder reactor, i do not intend to build one, i just would like to know how i would do it if did want to build one, the best practical approach i could find was that of the "radioactive scout" boy, but they didnt go into great detail. Any help would be very greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance, nukey

    lol, do you like my nickname?
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    I don't believe the accounts of the radioactive boy scout were true, at best they are highly exaggerated. Supposedly he obtained alpha radiation sources from smoke detectors and tritium from exit signs, but these objects contain extremely minuscule amounts of said material.

    Suffice it to say, attempting to experiment with radioactive substances in any manner "without wanting to delve into the complexity of it" is extremely dangerous and reckless.
  4. hi,

    thanks for your reply,

    yes, i appreciate your advice but, if i did want to build a breeder reactor
    in an extremely dangerous & wreckless manner,
    will you please tell me: what materials i would need,
    what quantities of these materials i would need,
    how to assemble the reactor,
    and optionally you could tell me how to obtain those materials, thanks for your help & time, i greatly appreciate it, :)
  5. Astronuc

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    Why not look it up on Wikipedia?
  6. berkeman

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    If you're not going to build one, why would you need to source the materials?
  7. Astronuc

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    No! We do not permit discussions of dangerous or reckless activities at PF. It pointless to give instructions on building a fast breeder reactor to someone who does not seemed to be concerned with the regulatory or safety aspects, not to mention potential for proliferation of controlled nuclear materials.

  8. because,i want to know how to build it, and then when i decide to build it i will take the safety measures myself, put it this way, i will build a dangerous and wreckless reactor , but before i start firing neutrons at something i will add the appropriate safety features.

  9. why is it pointless? that doesnt even make sense, i dont really care about how it works, i just want to make it, does anywhere permit that? *sigh*
  10. Astronuc

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    It is pointless because 1) one does not care how it works, and 2) one would not be permitted to build a reactor, particularly with such an attitude.

    In order to build a reactor, besides raising the captial (on the order of several $billion), one must demonstrate that one understands the principles, particularly with regard to control and safety. Such technology is heavily regulated, and given that the product involves Pu-239, the process/practice is restricted.

  11. well, how did david hahn (radioactive boy scout) do it for under $5000?
    i just want to know how to do it for **** sake.
  12. QuantumPion

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    I sure hope this is some sort of bad joke.
  13. Astronuc

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    David Hahn attempted to build a homemade breeder nuclear reactor in 1994, at age 17. (Wikipedia) He did not build a reactor, but accumulated radioactive material, which simply contaminated his mother's property. In addition to being dishonest and deceptive, what he did was stupid and dangerous.

    He was no where close to building a breeder reactor, nor would he have succeeded with what he had.

    There is no point in continuing this discussion. Thread closed.
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