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Pressure generated from gasoline combustion

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    how much pressure can be generated upon ignition of gasoline/air in an internal chamber at atmospheric pressure? I know that combustion engines can generate well over 1000 psi on the piston but this occurs when the air is compressed to begin with.
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    Are you saying that you have a stoichiometric mixture of air and gasoline vapor in an insulated rigid chamber at atmospheric pressure and you want to know what the pressure and temperature will be in the chamber after complete combustion?
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    Yes please. I'm trying to build a tool that uses a blow of compressed air from a compressor (150 psi) but I would like to know if gasoline would work better.
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    This sounds very dangerous. Physics Forums rules and guidelines preclude us from giving advice on dangerous endeavors. Please consider not pursuing this alternative.
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    You are building a bomb. Don't do this.

    Experiments like these were performed by combustion experts at our university and the safety regulations were extreme: specially made combustion chamber, blast shields, remote controlled setup...

    Don't do this!
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    No. You will kill yourself and possibly many others. Please do not attempt this.

    Thread locked.
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