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Pressure on Piston due to Compressible flow

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    is it correct modeling mathematical model for Compressed air engine,

    As here air Flowing through Pipe in Kg/s and its not a continuous flow and flow through vent in to the cylinder and pushes Piston and and Piston moves down.
    As I created model like this

    (P1*V1)^Y = (P2*V2)^Y

    P2 = [(P1*V1)^Y] / [ (V1+dV)^Y ]
    here i m in Confusion can i use this equation for my case because this does not includes density term
    or Please guide more what equation i can use here.
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    I don't understand . You claim to have or be studying for a masters degree in 'Mechanical' . You should be able to answer your own questions easily using what you have learned in basic thermodynamics and fluid mechanics courses ?????
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