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Pressure requirements for Air Motor

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    Hi Guys,

    I am needed to work out the the amount of pressure an Air Motor will need to provide to keep an object on a slope in equilibrium.

    I have worked out the the force DOWNSLOPE of the object in Newtons- but I am unsure of the next steps to find an appropriate air motor (or what kind of characteristics I would be looking for).

    Is it Power/W that I am looking for? Kinetic energy in KJ?

    Any input would be appreciated
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    What do you mean by equilibrium? Stationary or constant velocity?
    The first requires no power the power for the second depends on mass, g, velocity and angle of inclination.
    That will give motor power (ignoring losses).

    Any non atmospheric pressure can provide that power, the closer to atmospheric the greater the flow rate required for a given power.
    Best to find a motor with the appropriate rpm, cost, power etc and let the motor spec sheet set the pressure.
    Post your calculations and free body diagrams.
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