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Pressure & Velicity Relation in Fluids/gases

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    Can somebody simplify me the relation of Pressure and Velocity ... Bernoullis theorem is Ok ... But Please simple and brief ... Like Is there any equation directly saying that P in inverse of Velocity ??
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    For windward pressures, the increase is directly proportional to the density of the fluid and the square of the mean velocity. For parallel flows, the decrease in pressure is also directly proportional to the density and the square of the velocity. To convert proportional signs into equal signs, you need a lot more information; angle of incidence, frictional forces, turbulence, permeability of the surface to the fluid flow (sieves, gauze curtains, ship's sails, etc.) and so on.

    I don't think simple and brief come into it, but I am willing to defer to those with more expertise.
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