Pressurizing Argon Gas: Pump or Compressor Options?

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I need to pressurized argon gas from 1 bar pressure to 2 bar pressure. Flow rate outlet is 0.5 LPM. Can anybody suggest me a pump or compressor which is small in size? Minitiarised diaphragm seems good option but is it right one?

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Welcome to PF.
What temperature range for operation?
Is cleanliness or contamination of the Ar a problem?

Do you require a constant flow rate or a regulated pressure in a reservoir tank?
Compressed argon is used as a shielding gas for welding.

Please give a link to the best pump you have yet found.
You need to know if anyone can see a problem with your selection, or can suggest an improvement.
How small is small?
What power supply is available?

The smallest pump that might do the job could be a peristaltic pump. They are widely available on the web.

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