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Medical Prion diseases

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    What are the odds of prion diseases, such as vCJD (which can be contracted by eating contaminated beef and can have an incubation period of decades), becoming an epidemic in the future? Could we be looking at hundreds, thousands, or even millions of lives lost?

    What all research is being done in the area of prion diseases? Are we any closer to a treatment or therapy? I've heard of the possibility of using ozone.
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    Not very transmissible and very low incidence - so unlikely.
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    Doug Huffman

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    The International Society for Infectious Diseases has monitored a steady decline in human prion diseases of all kinds.

    Archive Number 20100107.0076
    Published Date 07-JAN-2010
    Subject PRO/AH/EDR> Prion disease update 2010

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    prion disease is very interesting in that it is the "replication" of protein. In other words, the 3-D geometry of the defective protein is the disease causing agent, and this defective protein will encounter a normal healthy version of the protein, interact with the normal healthy version of the protein, and then convert it to the abnormal defective version of the protein, and the process just repeats itself like a chain reaction.

    these diseases are quite rare.
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    Can anyone elaborate on what the topic starter said about the "ozone" as treatment?
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