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Probability Learning Material - Any

  1. Aug 7, 2009 #1
    Hi Guys,
    Does anyone know any good sources to learn the more advanced probability topics such as multivariate distributions and joint distributions etc..

    For example, on youtube, there is a large collection of "Probability on Excel" videos by a user called "Excelisfun". The fact that all the probability was shown via Excel was really helpful. It's just a simple introduction though, so I was looking for something in more depth.

    Anyone know any other sources? (other than Bionic Turtle)

    I am looking to learn about multivariates, joint distributions etc.

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    Those would mainly be in statistics books rather than probability but a nice book that covers those (I think) is Probability and Random Processes by Grimmett.

    I don't know about online material about that but http://www.probability.net/ is a website for learning probability which probably isn't what you are looking for but it's a nice resource.
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