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Problem on vapor pressureI'm stumbled

  1. Oct 27, 2009 #1
    This problem really got me.

    Take the vapor pressures of pure benzene and pure toluene to be 103 and 32 mm Hg. resp. The pressure on a mixture of 1 mol benzene and 1 mol toluene is reduced until half of the mixture is vaporized. What is this pressure and what are the mole fractions of the benzene in the liquid and the vapor phases.

    I am totally lost in this problem. I know we need to use Raoult's law and use the concept of Lever Law but I just can't connect the ideas to get the right answer.

    Hope someone will come up with good explanation and answer.
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    I'd begin by using Raoult's law to calculate the total vapor pressure of the mixture....what do you get when you do that?
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