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Problem with charging a 12V1.3AH/20HR battery

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    I've got a 12V1.3AH/20HR battery and I tried charging it with my 12V solar pannels of 200mAh max output together (2 solar panels with 100mAh max designed for charging car battery trough cigarette lighter thing) but the solar panels their lights wouldn't go off meaning no power were given to the battery (these blue leds light up when the panels do not power anything, they go off when I connect a solar panel to a little red led which then lights up for example)
    Since the solar panels couldn't do the job for some reason I wanted to try with a car battery charger 12V 4A but it says don't charge batteries beneath 20A (and up to 70A max) =.=

    Any idea why the solar panels couldn't start charging and why I can't charge it with the car battery charger(is this damaging for the battery or would it just not work or something)?

    Already thanks for reading, hope you can help =)
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    Has the battery been sitting around flat (discharged) for a long time?
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    I wouldn't think so
    Initial current : less than 0.39A
    Cycle use: 14.4-15.0V
    Standby use: 13.5-13.8V
    Sealed Rechargable Baterry BAT-LEAD-02 (12V1.3AH/20HR)
    (btw what's or why "/20HR"?)

    [extra info]
    bought it yesterday in a shop called Alfa Parts which is kinda just a shop where you can order stuff from a supplier, the initial order was from the shop itself which was 10 batteries of that type, they we're destined for something with pc's I think but ain't sure, they came in the shop on friday but I do not know the exact amount of time between shop, supplier and factory.
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    Found a "universal regulator", was actually looking for an adapter for a drill I had somewhere, turns out it's an
    "universal regulator"
    PRI: 230V~50hz 10.2W
    SEC: 1.5-3-4.5-6-7.5-9-12
    300mA 3.6VA
    So I can regulate it from 1.5 to 12 V

    Could it be used to charge that battery?
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