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Problem With Posting In PreCalc Subforum

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    Not sure if this is the place for this or not but I can't seem to post in the precalc subforum. Anyone know what that's about?
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    You mean here?

    What is the problem with posting?
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    If one is referring to the Learning Materials section, we do have restrictions on folks starting threads. Borek has pointed to the Precalculus Homework forum, which is the appropriate place for homework and similar questions on precalculus mathematics.
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    Yea it was the Learning Materials section. I'm going to use the homework help one. Thanks for the help guys.

    Another question real quick, is the homework subforum the place to ask if anyone is interested in tutoring?
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    Yes - folks are encouraged to provide others with assistance. Complete answers are not to be given.

    Students are expected to demonstrate effort and show work. Homework helpers and member assisting other members are expected to guide the student, but not provide answers. Confirming an answer once the student works through the solution is fine.
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    If you mean with this: asking for somebody who can tutor you for money, then this not allowed anywhere on this forum. This forum is not for sollicitation of any kind, unless approved by the mentors.
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    On the other hand, if you mean helping out with the homework help tutoring, you don't even really need to ask. Just make sure you follow the guidelines on tutoring, which I summarize below.

    1. Be nice.
    2. Don't give complete answers.
    3. Be nice.
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    Definitely not for money. Just out of kindness lol. I dropped out of high school in tenth grade (various reasons, no need to get into it here) and I was never very good at math. I just need some help figuring out where I'm at with math and then help learning what I need to learn.

    My main goal is to get to where I can understand the math behind most physics and astrophysics.

    EDIT: I like the philosophy of not giving answers but helping students get to the answer. Very good way to teach.
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    Oh, in that case, you're very welcome to post in our homework forums!! :smile:
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