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Processing of Tin Can you help find some micrigraphs?

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    For a project I am working on, I need to find some micrographs of tin samples that have been processed in different manners so that I can compare and contrast the resulting microstructures.

    I need to find tin (preferably pure) that has been processed by:

    1. Powder metallurgy

    2. Drawing

    3. Extrusion

    4. Rolling

    5. Casting

    I have found some images for 4 and 5, but 1-3 are proving difficult.

    Does anyone have any good sources they would use?

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    Any chance of getting any help on this one? This is not going so well.
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    I think that perhaps it will be difficult to find micrographs or metallographs of tin with those specific processing in the public domain. They would probably be found in journal articles relating to the specific microstructures.

    One could use google to search for "metallograph" or "micrograph" with "tin","Sn" with terms like "cast","drawn", . . . .

    Perhaps one can search for "microstructure","tin","{process}", where {process}=cast, drawn, powder or powder metallurgy or sintered.
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