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Programming a windows mobile device?

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    Hello everyone,
    Anyone know a good book for programming a windows mobile device??
    I'd appreciate it.
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    I don't know anything about embedded windows programming, but you could try looking on amazon and picking up a book that has a good rating.

    If you're not already decided on windows mobile, may I recommend embedded linux. I'm currently doing a project on with it and it's pretty easy to program.
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    .net has some great mobile dev tools, you can find chapters in almost any .net book
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    You can build Mobile programs using any of the .NET languages, such as VB, C#, J#...etc, and with C++. If you already know these languages fairly well (VB.NET and J# being very close to Java) then, rather than buying a book, i'd suggest looking online for some resources on developing Windows Mobile programs. I downloaded (can't remember from where in the Microsoft website) something called "Windows Mobile Developer Resources" which includes the following sample programs:
    Basic Dialogue
    Calendar And DTP
    Drawing Lines
    Owner List View
    Tool Bar
    It also includes ssome white papers on developing mobile applications. This coupled with other information available on the web, should be enough to get you started.
    Here's another helpful link for instance:
    I'm in the same boat as you, i just bought a nice Pocket PC with the intent of developing programs for it.
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