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Programs in Computational Physics

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    Hi all. This question has been asked previously on this forum but there was no reply I think. Which are the good programs for computational physics? I did (am doing) my Bachelor's and Master's in Aerospace Engineering from IIT Bombay. I got interested in CFD at first, but then my senior thesis is in Computational Electromagnetics. I am generally interested in Computational Physics, Applied Mathematics, High Performance Computing, etc.

    Can someone suggest me good programs in above fields?

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    I'll bump this partially in hopes of seeing some answers myself.

    Schools and programs I have been checking out for computational physics include: USC (http://cacs.usc.edu/) - they have a neat program where you can get a PhD in physics while earning an MS in computer science; BU (http://ccs.bu.edu/); Illinois: Urbana-Champaign (http://www.mcc.uiuc.edu/); as well as a couple specific groups at various schools, depending on research interests. For a more math-based approach, perhaps PACM at Princeton (http://www.pacm.princeton.edu/) or Stanford's iCME (http://icme.stanford.edu/).

    Good luck!
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    Some good stuff to look out for. :blushing:

    http://iiaat.guap.ru/" [Broken]

    "[URL [Broken] University of Technology, Free State

    http://www.tut.ac.za/" [Broken]


    http://www.tuwien.ac.at/tu_vienna/" [Broken]

    http://web.up.ac.za/index.asp [Broken]
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    If SIAM approves of those Institutions then you should feel better choosing anyone of those institutions as well. SIAM a trustworthy brand that publishes great books too.
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