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Python Progressively harder Django challenges

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    I am trying to improve my resume by making websites using Django (I own two websites). However, I am not sure how to get started. I just want to create something that makes me more employable.

    I have used Python in mathematics and physics. I am going through the Codeacademy courses on HTML and CSS. Django, I have no experience with.

    Now I am just looking for ideas on what I can make to show some level of proficiency with Django.

    Even better, if there's a list of progressively harder projects that allows me to build my skills, I'd love that.
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    It's not clear to me what do you mean by "more employable". What is your main field of study? Do you want to get involved in web development or just be a power user of Django framework/CMS and create some websites?
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    My main field of study is applied mathematics. I also studied marketing for a while (and worked in telemarketing while studying).

    I want to get involved in web development. The reason is that I am sick of telemarketing, and I need a job if I am to get through my masters (which I intend to do part time). Also, I hope to be able to use machine learning and other mathematics while developing websites, and thus get relevant work experience for what I intend to do when I get my masters degree in applied mathematics.

    I wrote the post above to make it easier for me to learn Django so that I can do this. The reason is that several companies in the city I live are looking for Django developers, and they are not super picky in regards to experience. However, I guess competition in the job market is fierce. So, I want to have a few websites up and running to show that I can do the job.
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    So, I'll talk to you as a web developer myself. If you really like web development - apart from being a way just to get a job, then learning the basics very well is the way to go. Learning HTML(5) and CSS(3) to a decent level is the right thing - as I see you already doing this. Use also some textbooks because the details matter. Also, learn (at least) the fundamentals of JavaScript - I recommend way more, and then get into the server world - you can use Python but learning other server side scripting languages is also a must. The competition in web development in general - this applies virtually everywhere anyway, is not only fierce but a real race against time. Also learning about protocols - especially HTTP, the request - response cycle and software patterns for the web as (at least) some pretty basic database things (SQL and NoSQL), is also a must. I won't recommend just learning to use some software to do the job for you - whatever this could be, in order "just to do the job", as is usually spoken by some people, the reason being that you'll sooner or later face difficulties in tuning up, modifying, altering and all these good things, that a web developer has to do in his everyday routine. You'll have to resort almost solely on the opinion of others in order to do your job and this is definitely not a good thing.

    Now, for Django itself, I have not a long experience - being mostly a PHP/Java developer, but I think that starting from a good textbook like https://www.amazon.com/Definitive-G...coding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=937A2TDHYSQA7YKP85PR - there are many other good choices as well, and tinkering with Django code on GitHub - you'll find plenty of projects there for applications as for Django framework code itself, is a good way to go. Also, googling "django projects" gives you a lot of results and you can get a pretty good idea by some articles regarding projects you can get involved in.
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