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Project: Wireless Mouse or Keyboard

  1. Apr 10, 2010 #1
    Hi all,
    I was thinking of making an RF wireless mouse or keyboard. Can anyone help me in getting started? What re the concepts that i might need for this?
    Since this is a basic level project, the specifications are highly flexible.
    All help will be highly appreciated.
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    Well this is no simple task. There are a few topics you'll need to learn (at the very least)

    1) Mouse and Keyboard protocols (through USB)

    2) RF Knowledge which will include circuit antenna design, network matching, modulation and demodulation techniques. (Let me say that this is only necessary if you're doing it from scratch. You could always use an XBee wireless transmitter/receiver set)

    3) Microcontroller programming to handle changes in the mouse and keyboard routines to send over the RF.

    These are basic things. You'll have to develop the algorithm and system overview. Good luck

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    I'd recommend starting with an available chipset and protocol, and then later building it again with more discretes if you want to learn more. Check out the Cypress Wireless USB (WUSB) chipsets and tools. That should get you going pretty quickly. Fun project.
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    You'd have a much easier time starting with a AT or PS/2 keyboard or mouse than a USB one. USB host (the computer end of a USB connection, needed to talk to a USB keyboard or mouse) is very non-trivial. PS/2 is far simpler, and there's lots of information out there about hooking PS/2 devices up to microcontrollers. Also note that many devices are dual-mode, and will activate a PS/2 interface if hooked up right. "USB to PS/2 adapters" are often just plugs wired up such that these devices can tell what sort of interface they're plugged into.


    On the other end, you can work out how to talk PS/2 to the computer, or use one of the many USB slave interface ICs. In-between, you can then use any sort of RF transceiver...and as berkeman mentioned, some devices combine USB interfaces and RF transceivers, which reduces your selection a bit but might simplify things.

    You might be better off using a Bluetooth transceiver, which would let you use a commercial Bluetooth device for the computer side...hook a PS/2 keyboard and a Bluetooth module up to a microcontroller, and you're there.

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    Thanks a LOT guys...
    the project i have decided on seems to be pretty complicated as of now... :uhh: i guess i will defer it till next semester...
    for now i'll probably do something a little easier on the programming...
    bu thanks a lot anyway!! ur help was REALLY appreciated... :smile:
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