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Homework Help: Projectile Motion Challenge Problem

  1. Jul 10, 2014 #1
    Mr. Smith’s dog Rosie takes a flying leap off his bed. The bed is 1m high, and Rosie leaves with a muzzle velocity of 5 m/s [40° above the horizontal].
    Sometime after Rosie leaves the bed, Mr. Smith (who is 5m away from the bed) throws a doggie treat to Rosie from ground level with a muzzle velocity of 7 m/s [20° above the horizontal].
    How many seconds does Mr. Smith need to wait after Rosie leaves the bed, to throw the treat such that Rosie catches the treat in mid-air on her way down?

    First I tried to figure out final velocity & vertical distance for rosie ......which I got as 0.32s & 0.526m respectively.
    But I am really not getting an idea about how to proceed further ...Please help me with this.
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    Don't figure anything out until you've figured out your gameplan.

    What does it take for Rosie to catch the treat on her way down?
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