Projectile Motion comparing height and initial velocity

  1. Hey,
    I came across this question in my text book, and there isnt an answer for it in the back, so I would just like to check if I have my head around it.

    The question is:
    2 projectiles are launched at the same angle. Projectile 1 reaches a max height of twice that of the projectile 2. What is the ration of the initial speeds?

    I said that they where in the ratio 4:1, as one of the formulas is: y=yo +voyt -0.5gt^2
    and because the height is doubled, the time taken must also be doubled?
    am I correct in saying this?

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    Come up with a formula that relates max height with initial velocity without the need for the time.
  4. I got an answer or root(2), is this correct?
  5. Doc Al

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  6. Thank you very much!
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