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Projectile Motion in 3D space (Writing an Aimbot)

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    Alright, so, I am writing an aimbot for a popular game, and I need a bit of help with calculating the correct pitch angle for the player. The weapon is a bow, so the arrows are affected by gravity. I am trying to find the pitch angle that accounts for gravity and distance from the Entity you are firing at.

    My current code doesn't work, but I will post it anyways. I have researched the correct algorithm (I found it at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trajectory_of_a_projectile#Angle_required_to_hit_coordinate_.28x.2Cy.29) and have attempted to implement it. However, when the aimbot is being used, for some reason, it stays in the middle of my screen, regardless of the entity's Y value or the player's Y value. I have the velocity correct, and the gravity constant correct, and that is all I know.
    Anyways, enough rambling, here is my code:
    Code (Text):

        private float getBowPitchFromEntity(Entity e) {
            double x = getX(e);
            double y = getY(e);
            double z = getZ(e);
            double velocity = getVelocity();
            double posX = Math.pow(x, 2) + Math.pow(z, 2);
            double height = y - getY(getPlayer());
            return (float)getTrajectory(posX, z, velocity, height);
        private double getTrajectory(double x, double z, double velocity, double height) {
            double vsquared = Math.pow(velocity, 2);
            double vquad = Math.pow(velocity, 4);
            double gxsquared = Math.pow(x * gravityConstant, 2);
            double gx = x * gravityConstant;
            double twoyvsquared = 2 * Math.pow(height * velocity, 2);
            double add = Math.atan2(vsquared + Math.sqrt(vquad - (gravityConstant * (gxsquared + twoyvsquared))), gx);
            double sub = Math.atan2(vsquared - Math.sqrt(vquad - (gravityConstant * (gxsquared + twoyvsquared))), gx);
            return Math.min(add, sub);
    The gravity constant is -0.05D, and the velocity doesn't matter, as I have compared it to the in-game arrow velocity and it matches.

    If anyone can help, I would appreciate it.
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    could you have a degrees vs radians issue? I noticed the last eqns using Math.atan2()

    I also noticed that the wiki eqn says g*x^2 but you've used (g*x)^2 for gxsquared

    Lastly, z doesn't appear to be used in the second function.
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    That might possibly be my problem. I got mad and deleted the module last night, so I'll rewrite it and try again. Thank you very much for your help!
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    Note to self: Never get mad at code and delete it instead comment it out in a more gentle deprecational mode.
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