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    a stone is thrown vertically upwards. if it takes 30 seconds to return to the ground, How high does the stone go?..

    I need asap solution
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    Hi there,

    Come on. I believe you can answer that by yourself. You just need to apply the accelerated linear motion equations and you get to your answer
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    can u provide that linear accelerated motion...
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    Not really, but I can help you find them.

    Acceleration is define as a variation of speed: [tex]a = \frac{v_1 - v_0}{t}[/tex]

    In the case of accelerated linear motion, the average speed is equal to the mean speed: [tex]\overline{v} = \frac{v_0 + v_1}{2}[/tex]

    From these three equations, you have the solution to your question.
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    Hi shahzadzai! :smile:

    They are the standard constant acceleration equations … see the PF Library.
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