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If a fireworks rocket has an initial upward speed of 58 m/s when launched, for how long will it coast before reaching its peak?

So could I use the equation t=v0z/g?

When I use this I get the peak to be 5.9s. Is v0z = 58 m/s or would that be 0? Am I approaching this correctly?
Anyone have an idea?
well you need an angle because time would depend on the angle you use. For example if you launched the rocket at a 50 degree angle the time to reach its peak would be 58sin50 / 9.81 = 4.42 secs. But if you launched the rocket at a 70 degree angle it would be 58sin70 / 9.81 = 5.55 seconds. So you would have to specify the angle.
oh ok, so even if you shoot the firework straight up, it still needs an angle?
well straight up it would be 90 degrees. 58sin 90 / 9.81 = 5.912 seconds.


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