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Projectiles Launced at an Angle

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    I have a test coming up on wednesday and i have a question about projectiles launced at an angle. Our teacher tells us that we can substitute equation into anontehr to get the final answer

    A quarterback throws the football to a reciever who is 31.5 meters down the field. If the football is thrown at an initial angel of 40.0 degrees to the horizontal, at which initail spped must the quarterbak throw the ball? what is the ball's highest point during the flight.

    The answer is

    17.7 m/s as initail velocity

    Delta Y= 6.60 meters

    My question is how do you get the final answer and put it into simple terms
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    I suggest you make a search, since projectile motion is a frequent homework question. I believe it will be enough just to type 'projectile motion' into the search box. Read some posts, and everything should be more clear. If not, we'll try to make it clear. :)
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