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Projection stereographic and second fundamental form

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    Let r:R2 →R3 be given by the formula rac{2u}{u^2%20+v^2%20+1},%20\frac{2v}{u^2%20+v^2%20+1},%20\frac{-1+u^2%20+v^2}{u^2%20+v^2%20+1}).gif Compute the second fundamental form with respect to this basis (Hint: There’s a shortcut to computing the unit normal n).

    I can't find thi shortcut, does anyone help me? I'm solving it with normal vector and first and second derivate, but I obtained impossibile result... The solve is too long to write down here... I use I used gif.latex?N=\frac{ruXrv}{||ruXrv||}.gif
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    Think geometrically: what vectors are orthogonal to the surface of the sphere?
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    I was thinking it was very difficult... Now I think to be a bit silly! :) thx
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    Is it the same with an ellipsoid (a*cos(x)*sen(y),b*sen(x)*sen(y),c*cos(y)) ? N is (a*cos(x)*sen(y),b*sen(x)*sen(y),c*cos(y)) ?
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