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Proof of Quotient Rule using Product Rule

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    Hey guys, just trying to understand how the quotient rule is derived, so I head over to wikipedia and saw this:


    But I'm having some difficulty understanding what goes on between these two steps:


    Could someone shed some light on this?

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    It looks like they are multiplying by ##1 = \frac{h(x)}{h(x)}##
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    Oh, okay. Cant believe I didnt see that; it was so simple. Sorry to whoever moved my thread for posting in wrong the section. Thanks Zondrina!
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    I moved it. This seemed more like a technical question than homework, so I move it here.

    Also, what Zondrina said is exactly what happened - they multiplied by 1 in the form of h(x) over itself.

    Also, if you post images again, crop or shrink them so that they fit. 900 pixels wide is about the maximum - yours is 1071 pixels wide, so causes the post to be too wide.
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    Alright, no problem. Thanks again guys.
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