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Aerospace Propeller thrust

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    i need to calculate thrust produced by a propeller whilst flying, using the data show below. all equations i have come across require the propeller induced velocity which is not given.

    things i know;
    -propeller efficiency
    -indicated and true airspeed of aircraft
    -temp. and pressure at flying altitude
    -engine torque
    -propeller diameter
    -propeller rotating speed

    i have tried serching the forum but couldnt find a relevant equation.
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    propeller efficiency and thrust are functions of airspeed.
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    Dear buddy,

    It takes some iteration to calculate thrust distribution for propeller. However, I can help u to do that coz during my final year project, I've assigned to design and find performance of the propeller itself.

    U can give anything that u know abt the propeller, and I will try to help u on that. Email me at solehan85@gmail.com
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